Monday, March 23, 2015


I'm absolutely loving these Diva drawings! They are quick, easy and a LOT of fun to work on! I have plans to draw a whole lot more of them! YAY! :)

Today's drawing is of the "Anti-Diva" herself...WWE's resident "Glampire", PAIGE!!! Huge fan of Paige! Here is my artwork of her with the two titles she has held in the WWE, (simultaneously, I might add), the WWE Divas Championship and the NXT Womens Championship! I absolutely LOVE the look of the NXT Womens title and it was super fun to draw! I did not include me drawing the Divas title in this video because I just copied and pasted it from when I drew Mickie James. So, if you want to see me drawing that title, head on over to my Mickie James speedpainting video, as well! :)

Anyway, here is PAIGE!!! Keep scrolling after the pic to see the speedpainting video! :)


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Thanks again!


  1. hey do u have a facebook account or facebook page or something ?

    1. Yes, I do! :)