Saturday, May 18, 2013

"My Favorite Artists" Blog Series #14: esau13

Number 14 in my "Favorite Artists" Series!!!  My favorite number!!!  With that said, I have a super talented artist to feature today: Esau Murga aka DeviantArt user: esau13!!!  I first started following Esau because of his amazing "Mortal Kombat" fanart. It's some of the best that I have ever seen!  Let's dive right into some of my favorite works!

The first piece that drew me to Esau's work was this gorgeous fanart of "Mortal Kombat's" Edenian Princess, Kitana! My favorite part is the face mask with it's beautiful golden embellishment.  Her blue eye makeup is perfectly placed and the shiny metal of her deadly fans is awesome! Not only is this one of my favorite pieces of art by Esau but also one of my favorites of any "Mortal Kombat" fanart!!! It's gorgeous!
"MK Legacy Princess Kitana"
photo credit: esau13

"MK Legacy Thunder God"
photo credit: esau13
Next up is another "Mortal Kombat" fanart of the Thundergod himself, Raiden!!!  Raiden is one of my favorite characters and I think this drawing sums him up perfectly. The picture as a whole has a dark feel to it which makes the lightning surrounding him POP! I especially love the red glow in his eyes. His outfit is drawn exactly as it should look and I love it!

I LOOOOOOOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!  So this drawing of Harry Potter villain, Lord Voldemort is amazing!!!  Esau was able to make the Dark Lord look even more sinister than in the movies! He went more with the look described in the books, giving Voldemort bright red eyes. creepy! I love it!  Also, the dark swirls add a nice cloudy touch while also showing Voldemort's followers coming to meet him. Very cool!

"The Dark Lord"
photo credit: esau13

It's usually hard to be interested in most people's "original characters" but Esau has one, "Demon of the Lake". The character is a beautiful woman and in his newest drawing of her, you can definitely see it! I love her makeup...the dark red and black. I love it.

"Demon of The Lake 4"
photo credit: esau13
If you want to see more of Esau's super talent, check out his DeviantArt page at this link:

Here are a couple more drawings by Esau Murga that I love!
photo credit: esau13

"MK Legacy Special Forces"
photo credit: esau13

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