Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"My Favorite Artists" Blog Series #10: CrimsonArtz

We're up in the double digits now! I still have a few more fave artists, so if you are interested in my "Fave Artists" series...be sure to keep comin' back! Today's artist is a traditional artist from the U.K., Matthew Skipworth aka CrimsonArtz. Matthew has a huge gallery of deviations on his DeviantArt page ranging from characters from DC Comics to Resident Evil. He has a beautiful, unique style that I was immediately attracted to. His subjects consist mainly of the female form, depicting all kinds of recognizable characters.

I can't recall the first deviation I ever saw of Matthew's but I do know that I am a fan of a LOT of his drawings!!! He has over 400 to browse, so narrowing it down to a few to feature was a tough feat. ;) Thankfully when Matthew does a bunch of characters from the same series, he will post them all together in one big drawing, so I can show more than I thought. :) Here is an example: the women from one of my favorite video game series, EVER...Mortal Kombat!!!
"Queens of Kombat"

Each female "Kombatant" is represented perfectly and are all easily noticeable.  Each of these ladies are drawn so perfectly and beautifully as their character that you have to go to CrimsonArtz page to see each one separately. The next drawing that I want to mention is an absolutely gorgeous drawing of "X-Men's" own, Storm. The pose is fantastic and strong and the way Matthew drew her hair is incredible! Her costume is captured unbelievably well, showing the shine of the gold jump off the picture.  

"Michonne and her walkers"
Here comes one of my absolute FAVORITES! The katana-wielding badass from "The Walking Dead", "Michonne".  Matthew drew her with her katana in one hand and the chains holding her walkers in the other. I'm so glad that he added the walkers. I think when most people think of Michonne, they think of her followed by the two walkers she kept by her side. Expertly drawn with a simple background that reminds me of the tv show, it perfectly completes the picture.

Here are some more of my favorites from CrimsonArtz, aka Matthew Skipworth:
"Babes of the Iron Fist"


"The Girls of Survival Horror 1"

"Ultimate Marvel Divas"

Find Matthew at his DeviantArt page: http://crimsonartz.deviantart.com/

Thanks for reading and I hope you will go check out more of Matthew's work and don't forget to come back tomorrow for another awesome artist!!!



  1. This is incredibly flattering and so so appreciated Fefe. I really love what your blog is about - sharing art that we love with everyone (pretty much why I create art in the first place). What a great idea and thank you very much for the highlight. :) Made my day.

    Best wishes,
    Matt Skipworth (Crimson)

    1. You are soooo welcome!!! Your art is amazing and I had to tell EVERYONE!!! haha Seriously...you are such an inspiration to me and I always look forward to the next piece you upload!!! :) Thanks for creating such awesome art!