Monday, March 4, 2013

My Favorite Artists #7: Brianna Garcia

Whoops....I didn't realize it had been a few days since my last update. Sawry!!! :) It's all good though, I am here now to remedy the situation! Number 7 in my favorite artists blog is Brianna Garcia! Now, I'm not positive but I believe that she has once worked for Disney as a sketch artist at parties and things like that. I could be 100% wrong here and Miss Garcia, if you read this, I apologize. haha

I absolutely LOVE Brianna's work! The first piece of work of hers that I saw has probably been seen by everyone and their mothers! haha It's her drawing of all the Disney Princesses making weird faces. I love it for many reasons. One, it is the Disney Princesses and two, it isn't the typical Disney Princess drawing. They are all acting goofy and in fun little poses. Very unique and that is what got my attention. :)
art by: Brianna Garcia

I found Brianna on DeviantArt but now she mainly posts new art on her Tumblr. Through her Tumblr, I have now come to love an attraction at Disneyland called "Mad T Party". I have never been to Disneyland and have never seen "Mad T Party" in person but seeing Brianna's videos that she posts and other's gifs, I have now become obsessed with March Hare and Dormouse, specifically these two guys (see right). Brianna has made some adorable Mad T Party art that can be bought from her many online stores: Society6 and Redbubble

So, because of Brianna, I have spent countless hours searching Tumblr tags like "March Hare", "Dormouse" and "Marchmouse" because on Tumblr, people ship those two like CRAZY!!! It's awesome! haha

Here is another favorite drawings of mine from Brianna:
March Hare and Dormouse
Art by: Brianna Garcia

I hair, pink dress...NO!!!
Art by: Brianna Garcia

Female Dormouse and March Hare
Art by: Brianna Garcia

To see more of her AMAZING work, you can find her at these links:

Thanks again for reading and I hope you will come back tomorrow for another favorite artist!

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