Sunday, March 10, 2013

"My Favorite Artists" Blog Series #9: viria13

I didn't realize it had been 5 days since I last posted here! SORRY! I really need to keep up better! Anyway...I am back with a look at one of my ALL-TIME favorite artists, Ukrainian digital artist, Miss Viktoria Ridzel. aka Viria...or her DeviantArt username, viria13.

Patil Twins
I first spotted Viria's work while searching for Harry Potter fanart. At the time, she was putting out a LOT of Harry Potter related work. One of the first ones that I saw was this drawing of the Patil twins. There isn't an appreciable amount of art devoted to the Patil twins so this one stood out with its beautiful color palette and cute poses.

One of my favorite drawings done by Viria is this drawing of James and Lily Potter. The colors are very strong and the facial expressions are powerfully loving...something I hope to see when I come across a fanart of the Potters. :) There is also that little touch of the snow that somehow adds so much feeling to it. Beautiful.
Do Your Best

Viria does some of the best "Marauders" fanart that I have ever seen! For instance, this drawing of the four besties. The way James' head is looking down was drawn flawlessly. Also, I don't know if this was done intentionally but I love how it looks like Remus, Sirius and James are closer together and Peter is kind of off, almost by himself.

Wild Ones

Modern Gaang
Now, Viria is responsible for introducing me to the amazingness that is "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "Legend of Korra" with her amazing fanart work! Look at this awesome "modernized" Avatar gang! Soooo cool!

The coolest Avatar related pieces by Viria is a crossover with Harry Potter! In it, you can see where Viria has put each character in a specific Hogwarts house. Aang in Hufflepuff, Katara in Gryffindor, Sokka in Ravenclaw (MY HOUSE!!!)...but my favorite is Zuko in Gryffindor! I think that is a perfect fit.  :)
Avatarded Hogwarts

Miss Ridzel has a LOT more amazing work that needs to be seen and she has over 600 deviations in her gallery, so it was hard to choose just a few to feature... so you need to head on over to her DeviantArt page and her Tumblr (where she is more active) and check out her work!!!

 Here are a couple more works of art by Viria that I LOVE!!!

You'll Never Be Alone


Find Viria:

Thanks for checking out #9 (these aren't in any order  BTW) of "My Favorite Artists"!!! Check back tomorrow for another fave!!!



  1. Great entry! :D I love Viria's work too and I'm glad we can all appreciate it together!