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My Favorite Artists #6: joshwmc

I hope you aren't tired yet of reading about my favorite artists because I have quite a few more to come! :) Today's artist is joshwmc from DeviantArt. Josh hasn't posted any new art on his DeviantArt page since the summer of 2011 but he does post on his blog:

art by: joshwmc
I can't remember exactly which pieces of art by Josh that I saw first but I do know that it was one of two pieces. One of which being a fanart portrait of Mortal Kombat princess, Kitana. I absolutely love this drawing! It's so beautifully drawn. Josh drew her with a strong stance, great muscle tone was brought out and there is real emotion of a warrior in this drawing. It's really nice when an artist is able to do that with a piece of art.

art by: joshwmc
The second piece that could have been the first I saw is a fanart drawing of former TNA Knockout, Daffney. There really isn't that much great fanart of women professional wrestlers out there so seeing this piece was a real treat. Daffney has always been a favorite of mine, so this one was immediately added to my faves! I am astounded at Josh's ability to perfectly draw Daffney's tattoos and the type of fabric on her outfit and the strain of the ties in the middle. There is perfect flow.

Now comes my favorite part. Josh did a series of drawings that he called "Disney Fighters" where he drew the Disney princesses as fighters with new stories. Check out this one of Snow White. He turned her story to be Snow as a tough-girl, street fighter growing up in a city run by seven drug lords. I love this because not only does Josh create an interesting piece of art but he also creates interesting stories to go with them.

Snow White
photo credit:

The second favorite of mine in the "Disney Fighters" series is Belle. He turned her into a Muay Thai kick-boxer who learned kick-boxing as a means of self-defense after being kidnapped and held captive when she was younger. This piece is really interesting and especially on closer inspection. On Belle's kickpad, it says "Gaston Sports" in reference to the villain in "Beauty in the Beast". Also, another cool reference from the movie is the rose tattoo on her right arm.
photo credit:

Probably my favorite in the "Disney Fighter" series is the Princess Aurora drawing. He has turned the former Sleeping Beauty into a professional wrestler. When I first saw this one, I knew immediately that he referenced former WWE Diva, Michelle McCool. She was a favorite of mine and to see two of my favorite things (wrestling and Disney) together was awesome!!! Josh's amazing artistic talent shows in his ability to create the shine on her outfit and I love the addition of the nameplate belt buckle, which reads "Aurora". My favorite part of this piece has to be the wrestling title that she holds with the main plate in the shape of Disney's mascot, Mickey Mouse and if you look closely, you can see Tinkerbell in the sideplates! This is just amazing!!!!
photo credit:

I am just in awe of the creativity that was used in making these drawings! Be sure to check out Josh's DeviantArt page and his blog to see more of his amazing art!


Here are some more of my faves by joshwmc:

photo credit:

The Little Mermaid
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Thanks again for reading and come back tomorrow to see another favorite artist!


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