Thursday, September 6, 2012

Charles and Alli Trippy Speedpaint!!!

Charles and Alli Trippy are two of my favorite YouTubers!!! I've never met them but I feel like they are my friends. Weird, I know but bare with me. Watching Charles propose to Alli and then their wedding video, I cried so hard because I felt like I was watching two of my best friends getting married.

Filming your lives every single day and uploading it to the internet has to be extremely difficult but they still manage to do it. Even after Charles was diagnosed with a brain tumor, they never missed a day! I mean, talk about commitment! When I found out about Charles' tumor, I was so scared. Thankfully he is ok and even toured with "We The Kings".

Both Charles and Alli are extremely inspirational and I enjoy watching their daily vlogs! So, it was only fitting that I do a drawing of them. I am pretty happy with how it came out and I hope all you CTFxC'ers out there like it too! ;)

Here is the speedpainting video I did for you to watch my drawing process: