Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two AMAZING unknown characters...for now! ;)

Recently I was asked to do a drawing of two characters from a book that is going to be released around Valentine's Day 2012. The characters are Shauna and Ascher. Shauna is a bi-racial Wiccan and Ascher is a human, vampire hybrid. The description of the book by the author is :

“No fate other than the one I choose.” The timeless creed, and tattoo, bore by the Rousseau’s— a vampire clan with the purest bloodline of any vampire family. Out of this clandestine group came one who was different, yet the same: Ascher - a half-bloodling— half- human, half vampire.

Ascher questions the purpose for his existence and which world he truly belongs to: the human world or the vampire world. Two months from sealing to Ursula— a prearranged union to a woman he abhors — he’s at his wit’s end. He knows if he calls off the sealing, the Romanian clan will strike with deadly force, but he cannot see eternity with a cold empty shell of a woman like Ursula.

Just when he thought life was complicated enough, he meets Shauna— a beautiful, bi-racial human wiccan — and immediately develops an unshakable attraction to her. She makes him feel alive and vital despite his origins and Ascher makes a decision that turns his immortal world upside down.

I have had the amazing opportunity to get a "sneak peek" into the world of Shauna and Ascher and have fallen completely in LOVE with the novel already!!! I really can't say enough good words about the book without sounding repetitive. I cannot wait for the world to meet these characters! However, the novel is very adult-oriented and detailed. So, as I was told..."be prepared".

For more on the novel and to keep up on details of it's release, you can "like" the Facebook fan page: The Progeny Series 

More on the author, you can "like" her Facebook fanpage: A.S. Lane/ Ashlynne Laynne

Now on to the first image of more that are DEFINITELY going to come! ;)


Friday, September 30, 2011


When the movie, Coraline first came out, I was interested to see it because it had a "Tim Burton feel" to it. Or at least that is what I thought when I saw the trailer. I had no idea how amazing this movie was going to be. To be honest, it was a little scary...which, I think, may be one of the reasons that I absolutely love it! I just know that if I was younger and saw it, I might have had nightmares!!! hahaha Anyway, I've had the idea for a while to draw a picture of Coraline all grown up and returning to the "Pink Palace Apartments". Not sure why she would but ya know, it made for a fun picture! If you want to see the drawing in can visit my YouTube Channel at:

Anyway, here is the drawing...hope you like it!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Here is my fanart drawing of the YouTube vlogging family, The Shaytards! I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and most of them are the Shaytards daily vlogs. I got hooked immediately and watch their videos everyday. It's so awesome and quite interesting to watch this family grow and I love being a part of it. Naturally a fanart drawing would come from me and I hope you all like it as much as I do. It took quite a bit of time to complete but I'm extremely happy with it! So, here you go...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ron and Hermione get married!!!!

Hey everyone! I'm back again with another Harry Potter fan art drawing I did of Ron and Hermione in a "wedding photo". I've been wanting to draw this for a while and I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it. I mean, I think it came out pretty good but I pictured it to look better. Then again, you are your own worst critic so what do I know!? haha Anyway, this will probably be my last Harry Potter drawing for a while so all you non-Potter fans can breathe a sigh of relief. haha So, here it is and I hope you all like it...oh and be sure to check out my YouTube channel showing the progression of this and other drawings!   Thanks for takin' a look!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Luna "Loony" Lovegood Fanart

Hello everyone! I'm back with a new drawing. This one is of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. She's been a favorite character of mine and I thought it would be interesting to try drawing her. Also, I wanted to get another quick Harry Potter drawing in for certain reasons. I think I am going to do one more before I return to finish the Disney Princess series. To be honest, I wish I was finished with it already but that doesn't mean that when I return to it, I won't put 100% into each drawing. Believe me, I will! ;) So here is Miss Lovegood...hope you all enjoy! One more thing to note...I have a YouTube channel where you can watch this drawing and others that I have done in progress. Hope you all check it out:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Call Me NYMPHADORA!!!!

So, I'm back with a new drawing and it's not a Disney Princess! haha This time it is Nymphadora Tonks from the Harry Potter series! She is my favorite character and I wanted to draw a picture of her in a way that I always imagined her. For the longest time I kept thinking that the first time Tonks was introduced in the series, she had the pink hair...but after looking in the book while "researching" the closest thing to her description, I discovered that her hair was in fact, purple...well, as it says in the book, "...a violent shade of violet." lol Anyway, that is why I added the little bit of purple at the tips of her hair.

I almost gave up on this drawing. I kept having trouble. My Pocahontas drawing seemed so easy and I didn't have to change much at all but this one I had to move things, make certain things a different size and all sorts of other annoying stuff! So, without rambling she is...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pocahontas fanart

So here is Pocahontas!! I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out!!! It is my favorite (so far) in my Disney Princess series. I just have so much fun drawing these! I will continue to do them, I have maybe 4 more that I want to do. I am going to take a break on this next one and do another Harry Potter related character and I hope you all will check that out too! more is POCAHONTAS!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Beast's Beauty

Here is my next fanart in my Disney Princess art series. It is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast". I like how it all turned out except for the bottom of the dress. It just looks too plain. When I tried to add a little to it, it just started to look like there was too much going on so I just left it as it was. Oh well, I think I am getting better. Next up will be Pocahontas. I'm wondering if I should move on from the Disney Princess series for a while and draw something different or just go ahead and finish on with the Disney Princesses. I'm not sure. I'll probably just finish these. I think I have 5 left. So, is the picture. Hope you like it. To see it in progress, check out my YouTube video:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SEA PRINCESS (Princess Video #3)

Here is my fanart video of Disney's Ariel. It unintentionally started to look like Nicole Kidman. Near where I change the hair, I moved the features a little to look less like her. I really love the way it turned out! Next up I will be drawing Belle from Beauty and the Beast. To see a work-in-progress version of this, you can go to my YouTube channel at: