Friday, June 23, 2017


I love cosplay! I want to cosplay but I don't really have the guts to do so. So, I just follow amazing cosplayers on social media! ;) One of my recent favorite cosplayers is Hendo! I first came across Hendo on the AWE Me Youtube Channel on their show, "DIY Prop Shop". She is just so adorable and is extraordinary in cosplay.

Not too long ago, Hendo posted a photo of her dressed as Wonder Woman from the new movie, and I thought it was extremely stunning and I just had to draw it! So...I DID! haha

I ended up adding Wonder Woman's Lasso but everything else in the drawing is the same as Hendo's photograph. Normally I don't draw exactly from one photo but this one was just so cool that I didn't want to change anything. I tagged Hendo on Instagram so I hope she sees it and likes the drawing. More so, I hope she is ok that I used her photo! lol Anyway, here is the drawing, a photo/drawing comparison and the video! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for sticking around! Hope you enjoy my art as much as I like making it!

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Thanks again!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

DRAWING CHARLOTTE FLAIR!!! and Speedpainting!

Trying to keep up with posting new art every week....then I go and try to draw something pretty detailed! haha Oh well, I still think my new digital drawing of WWE's Charlotte Flair turned out pretty cool! ;) Since she is sometimes referred to as the "Queen", I was desperate to draw Charlotte sitting on a throne with a WWE crown. I also added a small staff with the WWE logo on it for extra goodness.

Initially I wanted to draw Charlotte in a different outfit. Either the light blue robe with the black feathers or the gold and black robe but then I realized that if I wanted to have new art to post this week, I was not gonna be able to draw all those feathers! haha So, I went with her stunning green robe with the peacock feathers.

I did my best to highlight the crown on her head but I see it still gets lost in all the detail of the feather neck piece. Overall, I still appreciate the final drawing! Yay for another successful piece of art! Now, no more blabbing...on to the art!!! ;) Also...check out the work-in-progress video as well! :)

Thanks so much for reading!

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