Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Scream" Speedpainting!

Ooooo...a super fun series I am starting here! My twin sister and I are HUGE horror movie fans and when she recently bought a bundle of 9, 4x4 inch canvases, she came up with an awesome idea for me to paint a scene from different horror films on each one! This is super exciting for us both! If I'm correct, she is going to hang them in her movie room! :) Once they are all finished and hung up, I plan on posting a picture here.

Anyway, here is the first painting of 9 that I will be doing...from my favorite Horror film of all time, "SCREAM"!!!!! excited at how it came out!!! She loves it too so, YAY!!! Here is the painting and after, you can watch the speedpainting video! :)

Thanks so much for checking this out! Horror fans, UNITE! haha Anyway, follow me all over social networks!