Sunday, February 24, 2013

Favorite Artists Blog #3

Here we are again! Another artist who inspires me. Today's blog is about another DeviantArt artist from the U.K., named Emma (username: Catching-Smoke). Emma is a traditional artist using pencils for sketching and I believe she colors some of her sketches digitally.

Emma's "Tonks" drawing
I was first attracted to Emma's work when I was searching for "Nymphadora Tonks" fanart on DeviantArt and came across this drawing. She drew Tonks sitting down, smoking a cigarette. Not only did I think it was a cool drawing of Nymphadora but also, I LOVED the way Emma drew the folds in her clothing. I know that sounds really weird but I'm totally serious! I have soooo much trouble when it comes to drawing natural looking folds but here I sat, looking at this amazing piece of art that looked like it was drawn effortlessly. I was completely envious of her work and hit that "watch" button immediately!

Most of Emma's work is fanart of "Harry Potter" and some of "The Hunger Games",  which is awesome since I love both series! ;) Her drawings are mainly sketches but they look so flawless.  Take, for instance, this drawing of Ron and Hermione from "Harry Potter". If you look closely, you can see a few sketch lines around the edges but each line is blocked in with purpose. She always draws hair with perfection. I just want to latch on to her talent and never let go!!! (Just like Hermione is latching on to Ron, hehe)

"Ron" and "Hermione" from "Harry Potter" drawn by Emma

There are a few "character sheets" that Emma drew of characters from the Harry Potter series and also Johanna Mason from "The Hunger Games". My favorites are the "Golden Trio" from Harry Potter. Each character sheet is drawn with different expressions and movement that you can actually tell the character's personality based on her drawings.
"The Golden Trio" Hermione, Harry and Ron character sketches drawn by Emma

Probably my favorite drawing of hers is Harry and Ginny with their kids together with Ron, Hermione and their kids! The first time I saw this drawing, I sat there with my mouth wide open...just in awe! I had sooo many feelings hitting me...I was like "AHHHHH!!! I have ALL THE FEELS!!!" hahaha In all seriousness, this is one of the best...if not THE best drawing I have ever seen of all those characters together like that!
photo credit:

This drawing.....oh man....tears!!! Emma! What are you trying to do to me!!! I wanted to cry when I saw this drawing of an older Harry Potter with Ginny and their children at his parents grave! *sobs* Look closely at all of their expressions! All of the children are somewhat sad and Harry is looking down at the grave with a proud expression on his face like, "Look at this amazing family I have because of you two."  **excuse me while I go cry some more** Just amazing!
photo credit:

Emma...."Catching-Smoke".... if you are reading are truly talented and I look forward to every new piece of art you produce! Your work is beautiful, emotional...Perfect! Thank you for sharing it with us all.

For more of Emma's work, you can visit her DeviantArt page at:

Thanks again for reading and please some back tomorrow for another "Favorite Artist Blog"! ;)


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