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My Favorite Artists Blog #4

Today's blog is on artist, Daniel Kordek from Poland who uses the username, daekazu on Deviantart. He has a HUGE list of deviations (over 500) ranging from "Harry Potter", "Disney Princesses" to "The Hunger Games" and soooo many more. I'm going to be completely honest here...when I first started "watching" daekazu on DeviantArt, I thought he was a girl. Apparently so have a lot of others since he posted a DeviantID with arrows pointing at himself, saying "me". haha I don't really know why I assumed he was a girl. Going by his style and choice of subject, maybe? I don't really care because he is an EXTREMELY talented artist!

I can't be sure of the first piece of art of Daniel's that I saw but it may have been this drawing of some of the Disney Princesses. I am a HUGE Disney Princess fan, so I would have come across this one at some point because it is so bright and colorful.

Disney Princesses by daekazu

In his earlier work, such as this one, all of his subjects kind of have the same face. In his later work, he keeps his style but changes it a little to reflect an almost "realistic" style. Take a look at this little "series" Daniel has where near Valentine's Day, he posts these separate pages of a bunch of couples in different fandoms and series. There is literally EVERY couple imaginable, from Jasmine and Aladdin to Rose and Jack from Titanic. Looking at the top left image, you can see he started with more of a cartoonish style to now, (bottom right) he has more realism while keeping his personal style. There is more shading and depth to his drawings. Very beautiful.

"Valentine Couples"
photo credit: 

Snow Whites
photo credit:
One of my favorite drawings is Daniel's "Snow White" drawings. He drew it around the time when both, "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Mirror Mirror" were coming out and on one side, he drew Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart's versions of the "Queen" and "Snow White" and on the other side, he drew Julia Roberts and Lily Collins' version while both are in the costumes from the Disney version. Three different versions of Snow White, in one drawing! It's such a great idea for a drawing. What I really like about it, is each costume is the same concept but looking closely, you can see slight differences such as the hair, the collars and each Queen's jewel.

Another fantastic idea drawing done by daekazu, is this "Batman and Catwoman" piece. The drawing is split down the middle with the left side being the Michelle Pfeiffer/Michael Keaton version and on the right is the Anne Hathaway/Christian Bale version. Another very interesting concept. This drawing shows perfectly the style of Daniel Kordek that I love. It has a painterly look to it and drawn in his personal style while still being able to clearly see Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway.
"Two Bats and Cats"
photo credit:

There are sooo many more pieces of Daniel's that I love but seeing as he has over 500 deviations in his gallery, we'd be here all day and since I am typing this blog post at 2:55am, I am going to leave it at these few more favorites of mine! :)

Hermione Granger
photo credit:

Hocus Pocus
photo credit:

Jean Grey
photo credit:

Katniss Everdeen
photo credit:

Poison Ivy
photo credit:

Snow White and the Huntsman
photo credit:

Sookie Stackhouse
photo credit:

To see more of Daniel Kordek's AMAZING work, here is the link to his DeviantArt page:

Thanks for reading and don't forget to come back tomorrow to see another favorite artist of mine! <3


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