Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Favorite Artists Blog #5: Shannon Denise

Today's featured artist is Shannon Denise, another amazing artist from DeviantArt. I love when I can find an artist that does great work and who is also a sweet person who interacts with their "watchers". I'm not saying most artists on DeviantArt aren't nice. I'm just saying that Shannon finds the time to thank you for comments and faves.

The first drawing created by Shannon, that I saw, was this drawing of my all-time favorite cartoon character, Harley Quinn. The pose is extremely cute, with Harley holding the ends of her hat and I just LOVE the little Joker in the back. It's those little touches that Shannon adds to her drawings that just make them special!
Harley Quinn
photo credit: shannondenise.deviantart.com

Another favorite drawing of hers that I like is this one of Poison Ivy. An attractive pose with her beautiful hair...ahhhh! So pretty! :) One of the things that I love about Shannon's art is that her women have curves. They aren't drawn with stick figure waists. They look like real women should look! I love it!

Poison Ivy
photo credit: shannondenise.deviantart.com

Now I don't really know much about the character, Morrigan from the "Darkstalkers" games but I do know what she looks like and Shannon's drawing of her is amazing! I particularly like the way Shannon draws hips. They look slightly exaggerated but realistic. That may sound a little confusing but take a look at her work for yourself! :)
Morrigan Aensland
photo credit: shannondenise.deviantart.com

Check out these other favorites of mine from Shannon Denise and don't forget to check out her DeviantArt page to see lots more! ;) www.shannondenise.deviantart.com
A couple of Shannon's DeviantIDs
Soooo cute! :)
photo credit: shannondenise.deviantart.com

photo credit: shannondenise.deviantart.com

Zatanna Zatara
photo credit: shannondenise.deviantart.com

Thanks again for reading and come on back tomorrow to see another favorite artist! Feel free to leave me comments about your favorite artists! I'd like to see some! :)


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