Friday, February 22, 2013

My Favorite Artists List #1

Hello all. I have decided that I really want to keep up with my blog. Well, both of them actually. If you didn't know, I also write a wrestling blog called Girls Like Wrestling Too. So, if you are a fan of wrestling, go on and take a looksie at my blog. :)

Now, I love lists.  I love to make lists, read lists, think about lists...I think I may be slightly OCD. haha Anyway...I figured that since mostly all I have posted on this blog is my art, that I should make my first list as my favorite artists. Each day, I will write about one artist and what I like about them, what got my attention and my favorite works by them.

This first entry will be about one of my ultimate favorite artists that I follow on DeviantArt. Her name is Sanne Krueger and her DeviantArt username is starsandpolkadots. I usually look at mostly fanart and that is actually how I came across her page. The first pieces of hers that I saw were a wedding "photo" of Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter series. Then after seeing her drawing of Harry Potter characters, Teddy and Victoire I started "watching" her work.

I hardly ever care to "watch" an artist on DeviantArt if they only post their original characters. Sanne has recently been drawing just her characters and no fanart and I love it! Her little series of her characters is called, "This City Sucks" and they actually have their own Tumblr! I have fallen so in love with these characters, it is crazy! There are so many pieces that Sanne has done that I just look at over and over again! One being of her character, Holly. Holly sports blond hair with pink tips, a lip ring and a septum piercing. She is probably my favorite "TCS" character. Her style is what brings my attention to her. Holly also is featured quite often with a walking stick and just like all of her characters, Sanne has a story behind it.

Charlie and Kieran
Each of her characters has a story behind them, relationships they are in or will be in. Sometimes Sanne draws her characters in relationships that haven't happened yet. Like the relationship between her characters, Charlie and Kieran. They are my favorite of the couples in the "TCS" universe. :) I know that her characters are fictional and are drawn in a somewhat cartoon style but I am sooooo in love with Kieran! Ahhh...he is so handsome! His sideburns...ahhhh, those sideburns! haha

Most recently, my favorite of Sanne's amazing characters is Orla. Orla is Kieran's little sister. She is the youngest of four children, one of which being her twin brother, Declan (who I find to be as attractive as Kieran!).
Orla playing with her twin brother, Declan's hair

Enough about the characters....Sanne is an amazing artist and has made me (and MANY others) fall completely in love with these characters of hers! She has been asked many times if she has or will write some sort of story with her characters but she always says that she isn't good at writing. I think she has been amazing, so far!!!! So...Sanne, if you are reading this....YOU ARE AMAZING!!! :) are a few more of my favorite drawings by the amazing, Sanne Krueger aka starsandpolkadots. ;)

p.s. Look out tomorrow for my blog on another one of my favorite artists! ;)
p.s.(again): See more of Sanne's amazing characters at these links:

"This City Sucks" Tumblr:

Charlie and Orla discussing their men ;)
Holly and James
Charlie on her 22nd b-day

I also drew a fanart drawing of her character Holly!

Thanks for reading! Again, don't forget to come back tomorrow to see another favorite artist of mine!!! Also, feel free to tell me some of yours!!!

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