Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I am so late posting this. Actually, only like 5 days late. I forgot to post my drawing here (as I usually end up forgetting to post somewhere). haha Anyway, I am such a huge fan of Nattie Neidhart! In my personal opinion, she should be a multiple time champion by now. To me, that horrible Divas Title doesn't count and I am SOOOOO glad that thing is gone!

I drew Nattie 7 years ago and was so excited about it. I came across it not long ago and was horrified that I actually posted that for the world to see! haha The proportions are so wrong, the colors are way too bright and the shadows aren't near dark enough. I just had to do another "Draw This Again". Plus, I just love seeing how my art has changed or improved over the last few years and boy has it ever!!!

Included here is my updated drawing of WWE's "Queen of Black Harts", my old drawing next to my new one and the progress video. Hope you all like it! :)

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