Saturday, September 24, 2016

My Art & Etsy

Long time, no see. I haven't blogged since January of this year! Whoops! With all of today's social blog unfortunately got pushed to the back burner. Well, I'm here today to let all of you know (who follow, of course..hehe) I have updated my Etsy store and have a few paintings currently up for sale! :) Link to my Etsy store is at the bottom of this blog post. ;)

The first painting is my favorite and I was actually quite reluctant to part with it. It's of my FAVORITE character of all time...HARLEY QUINN!!! It's an 18x24 inch acrylic painting on canvas. It is sealed with Krylon Satin Finishing Spray. It features Harley in her original and iconic outfit from "Batman: The Animated Series". While trying to decide on poses and accessories in the painting, I decided to use Margot Robbie's likeness. BTW, I LOOOOOOOVED Margot as Harley in "Suicide Squad"!

Next is a collage of sorts of Justice League member logos. Of course, I had to add my favorite, Batman! ;) This would look great in a collector's Justice League collection, or a child's room or any other Justice League fanatic! :)

Next up is for any sweets loving fan! It's a painting of a delicious looking sundae that would look GREAT in a kitchen! My sister has a series of sweets related paintings in her kitchen and it's absolutely adorable!!! You could get it for a friend or family member with a serious sweet tooth!!! :)

Here we have a quote painting from one of my favorite Disney films, "Tangled"! Every time I hear them say these lines in the movie, I wanna bawl like a baby! That movie really gets ya in the feels! ;) I was also dying to paint a silhouette painting and this seemed perfect!

Last but not least is an outline painting of a kitty cat! This was actually one of the sketches I did for my best friend's tattoo but she decided on another design I did. I just loved this one so much so I painted it! It's very simple but looks super cute! Great for all my feline loving readers! ;)

Alrighty, that's all for today! I hope you enjoy all of my new paintings and it would be even cooler if you purchased one! ;) If you can't buy one, I'd appreciate a share of my Etsy store!

Thanks in advance to those who check out my shop! :)

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