Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Back in 2011, I drew a picture of Nymphadora Tonks from the Harry Potter series! At the time, I was still using Paint.NET to draw so the blending isn't so great but when I completed it, I was soooo happy with it! After drawing my newest Selfie, I was able to see how much improvement I have made! This inspired me to look for another older drawing that I used to love and redraw it.

As soon as I saw my 2011 Tonks drawing, I knew I had to redraw it! Now, usually I end up working on a drawing for so long that by the time I am finished with it, I no longer like it. However, this digital art is now at the top of my favorites that I have EVER drawn! I seriously keep looking at it and not believing I was able to draw this!

I took the liberty of putting side-by-side pictures of each drawing for you to get a better look at it! As usual, I did make a speedpainting video for this new Tonks drawing! ;) Take a look at the video after the pics! ;)

Thanks so much for following me on my art journey!


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